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I'm working on stuff?

2009-04-28 04:07:27 by SpaceWorm

So, like, I'll probably actually contribute to Newgrounds for the first time in three years or so, and this time it will hopefully be worthwhile. Finally being in a class which encourages creativity has finally forced me to stop playing video games and getting drunk in favor of picking up my Game Boy to start bustin' out some phat 8-bit loops. So there will be those in all eventuality whenever I say, "Fuck it, it's good enough; I'm never going to like it but maybe someone else will."

After that, who knows. I hear ActionScript is basically Java, so maybe I'll do a bunch of stuff with that and convince all my arty friends to give me free art after much confribery (def: confection bribery).

Oh wait, that's right. You have no idea who I am or why you should care.


I still get paid, right?